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Detailed Explanation & Introductions of Noni Properties

South Pacific Islands: beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, fresh air. Especially the Saipan:a lot of sunlight, blue seawater, fine white beach, green grass, no industry, no pollution, known as "heaven of life".

Saipan abounds with Noni(an evergreen shrub, blossom all year with milk white flower) fruits. The wild mature Noni fruits are polygons, like potatoes, which laid with green translucent film, and ordered with annular nucleus like pineapple pins. The fruits mature from yellow to white, with some red brown kernel (many seeds in it).

The tree can reach 15-20 feet, mature Noni fruit tree like a bread tree.

Early thousands of years ago, the natives on the island found the Noni fruit has natural health and medical effects, they regarded the Noni as god, as a gift from God, and pressed Noni fruit into juice(removed the residue)as a daily drink and medicine. Although no modern medical equipment on the island, local people's average life span come to 80 years old.

In 1957, an American scientist Dr. Ralph Heinicke learned that natives on the island can get well after eat Noni fruit for some disease, say, cold, fever etc. So Dr. Ralph Heinicke spent over 40 years to research into the Noni fruits.

 Research indicates that there are 227 kinds of nutrients in the Noni fruit, one of most nutrients magical plants in the world). Among them, Dr. Ralph Heinicke found a dry enzyme(named Xeronine),which is very important for the activation, renovation and regeneration of human cells, and applied for a patent. He found that  Xeronine is produced in the large intestine by interreaction of Xeronine original and its original converting enzyme, These materials must be fully, which can effectively started a series of benefits for human health as to cell activity. Dr. Heinicke has special contribution to the study of Xeronine, and his name is listed in the 1998 annual "World's most Important Masters".

The spectacular is Noni fruits bear fruit and blossom throughout the year (bear fruit first and then blossom).More amazing is that they grow only on the volcano islands without pollution in tropical areas, and would be withered or died if they are transplanted to the polluted place.

Noni is precious(as the king of fruits) because of 227 kinds of nutrients. It contains 13 vitamins (A,B,C,E, etc.), 16 kinds of minerals (K, Na, Zn, Ca, Fe, Mg, P, Cu, Se, and so forth), 8 rare elements, 20 amino acids(among which 9 amino acids essential to body, most super combination of amino acids in plants), 10 kinds of antioxidant substances. What’s more, it also contains various medically valuable components, e.g.: alkaloids, polysaccharides, enzymes.

Biologist propose that if three kinds of essential plant nutrients: polysaccharides, antioxidant, alkaloids are found to be co-existed  in a natural fruits, is regarded as a revolutionary discovery. Jim Sharps(a nutritionist), nutrients in the Noni fruit create powerful synergistic effect, that is: the effects of combination is far better than the single component .


Demonstration by famous sanitarian & professor

Neil Solomon(M, D., Ph.D.)

Professor of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

USA medical adviser for two term presidents

USA CNN-TV medical commentator

Best-selling author of New York Times

Ex-Health columnist of Los Angeles Times

Global nutrition consultant of united nations-ngo

Authoritative expert of Noni

Neil Solomon pointed out that: Noni fruit contains rich materials to build Xeronine. Modern life reduces our own ability to produce Xeronine, which lose normal biochemical reaction and paralyse activity of mutually dependent cells in our body. Noni enzyme can penetrate into our body, promote the biochemical reaction and cell interaction. He suggest that everybody, healthy or not, should improve the physical condition by Noni fruits for 90 days. In his works: Noni: Nature’s Amazing Healer, he made detailed description of more than ten thousand patients’ successful experience of treating(from doctors and medical experts around the world), and summed up the traditional application and modern medical research for Noni components.

Dr.Neil Solomon studied more than 20000 cases (including 100 kinds of diseases) and found the average efficiency can be up to 80%.He made further investigation into the last 20% patients, and found the main reason is less quantity and time for treatment, if they act as the requirements, the efficiency would be over 90%.

Dr. Mian-Ying Wang

M.D.& M.S. University of Illinois College of Medicine

In American Illinois University, she studied the effects of Noni fruit to cancer cells, and how to prevent cancer early in initial stage at the molecular level. She pointed out that " the value of an ounce Noni juice is equal to a pound drugs made by the high-tech. If you think that Noni is too expensive, the cost of sickness is incalculable. As powerful prevention and antioxidant activity of Noni, I believe that Noni is the most effective liquid tonic I've seen. I strongly recommend Noni to you." Dr. Mian-Ying Wang found, Noni remove carcinogen in DNA was as high as 90%, but so far there were no other products whose clearance rate exceeded 20%.

Noni can inhibit damage to DNA, which induced by carcinogen from the initial stage (prevent binding carcinogens and DNA). Taking the Noni can turn HBV masculine to negative, which just why liver ascites can be reduced.

   In "American Pharmacopoeia" the noni fruits are introduced for flowing functions: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, boosting immunity. In 2009, more than one thousand times media(including CNN, NBC,"New York Times", "the Wall Street Journal", "Forbes Magazine" and other world famous media) were made in the America to introduce Noni fruits extensively(from the medical, scientific, cultural, sports etc. )Awards have been won twice for Noni from UN.

The Function of Noni Fruit:

1)  Maintain cell systemic systemically to get best metabolism and microcirculation.

2)   Alleviate chronic skin diseases, strengthen skin immunity.

3)   Promote epiphysis to secrete melatonin, help sleeping, keep positive mood, delay aging.

4)   Balance the body pH, make people energetic, enhance resistance.

5)  Improve gastrointestinal function, strengthen absorption ability of various nutrients.

6)   Relieve the toxins of pain, inhibit cancer cell growth, reinforce the body's natural healing ability.

7)   With antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and allergy-eliminating function.

8)   Beauty, to prevent skin aging.

9)   Boost immunity, eliminate toxins deposited in the body.

The Main Introduction to Function

Noni & Aging

By unremitting research, scientists found that aging is a disease, is a progressive, degenerative disease, which affects every cell in the body, every tissue and every organ. Our body is composed of cells, when the cells(especially stem cells) decline and die, they would caused the declined organ function and failed systematic function, then pathological changes of a series of diseases are occurred. This includes from high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, to accumulation of fat, skin wrinkles, all kinds of adult diseases, declined heart and renal function, decreased immune function, endocrine dyscrasia, and so on.

The reason is very simple, only one: potential starvation of the cell. Our body is composed of cells, if the cells are hungry, they can’t undergo the process of metabolism, that’s to say the waste in your body can’t be eliminated, then it would corrode and damage to various organs. Which system affected where you get sick. If cells hungry can’t get the nutrients needed, they will slowly shrink, exhausted, and finally affect the normal function of tissues and organs, then people grow old!

If the life of cells can be extended, we can retarded processes of aging, or even return to youth, reverse the aging, resist disease, improve life quality, prolong life.

Modern Science reveals the mechanism of anti-aging & disease prevention of Noni.

All of the genetic characteristics of human information (appearance, height, fat or thin disease, etc.) are stored in the DNA gene strand. Human, animal, or organ of human can be copied by DNA copy. By repairing DNA, Noni can extend life of the cells, guard against gene mutation, so as to prevent disease and delay the aging.

 DNA is the core reason for aging and cancer.

DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) is the main chemical composition of chromosomes, and composed by gene, regarded as the "genetic particle". DNA is a kind of molecule, its permutation and combination are just genetic instructions to guide the development and operation of the vital functions. The long-term storage of information can be compared to "blueprint", "recipe". DNA restoration is a kind of regular cell process, it protects cells of human tissue from damage and gene mutation, so the cell's health is very important. In the vital movement, normal metabolic activities and environmental factors (such as ultraviolet) can cause DNA damage, and lead to molecular damage up to 500,000 per cell a day. The damage cause structural damage to DNA molecules, which can greatly affect modes of cell reading information and gene coding. Therefore, DNA reparation must often be made to amend any error in DNA structures quickly.

When the rate of DNA healing decline (as cell aging) and can't catch up with the damage rate, then the cells may suffer the fate: irreversible hibernation (so-called aging); suicide (namely, apoptosis or programmed cell death); cancer, or tumor formation.

Most cells in the human body aging first, after DNA damage irreparably, then apoptosis. When cell aging, biosynthesis and metabolism reduce the efficiency of life activities of the cells, which inevitably leads to disease .As the normal DNA repairing capacity of cells, it is very important to keep the integrity of the genome and normal function of cell. Noni rich in DNA reparative factor -- Xeronine, can repair the damaged cells, restore normal physiological function, extend cell life, so as to prevent disease and retard aging.

NoniCreate Charming Woman

The first: supplement nutrition, make cells fill up!

The second: balance incretion, let the cells move!

The third: maintain damaged tissue, enliven the cells!

  • Beautify facial appearance, delay senility

Antioxidant effects of Noni is 80 times the vitamin C, and 4 times of pure grape seed powder, comprehensively protect against damage from free radicals, metabolize wastes and toxins in the body, and make you vibrant .

  • Reduce wrinkles, make skin smooth and elastic

Noni contains a lot of multi type collagen protein and competent cells, which are necessary for cells growth, it make skin smooth, delicate, tender and rosy.

  • Weaken and dispel spots

Noni is rich in various vitamins and enzymes, which restrain oxidation, prevent melanin formation, promote metabolism, renew skin cells, effectively weaken and eliminate the stain. It also have effect to weaken and desalinate skin pigmentation (caused by endocrine disorders, skin aging, exposure to the sun, drugs, cosmetics, and so on)

4   Regulate endocrine, delay menopause, improve menopausal syndrome

By nourishing endocrine gland cells, Noni can keep the glands vigorous, so as to promote secretion of hormones from ovary, it also have good auxiliary therapy to menopausal syndrome before and after menopause of women, it can enhance immune function, postpone the body aging, delay menopause for 5-8 years, make you self-confident and vigorous.

  • Enhance breast, beautify breast

Noni effectively nourish ovarian to excrete female hormone, promote breast plump and firm. RNA in Noni can restrain enzyme take effect to breast and sexual organs, providing nutrients for elastose and collagen protein, improve skin  elasticity of surrounding tissue and sexual organs, make breast full of elasticity.

Noni and Blood Pressure

Feedback from users medical institutions or clinical case indicate that: Noni can treat blood pressure and other related diseases, the reliable conclusion also drawn by medical research. First, Noni contains scopolamine, which can help blood vessels to relax, and reduce blood pressure. Second, Noni can stimulate the body to produce nitric oxide. Science proves that nitric oxide can reinforce the flexibility of blood vessels, which is beneficial to the blood pressure and the entire health of cardiovascular system. Third, Noni can stimulate the body to produce Xeronine (an alkaloid), it can make cells in the body regain normal function (such as those on the sclerotic vascular wall), and return to normal.In 1992,a famous botanist: Isabel Le Abbott found that Noni have more effects to diabetes, blood pressure and cancer. In order to find out which kind of nutrition can lower blood pressure, he found scopoletin in Noni can dilate narrow blood vessels.

In 1993, scopoletin is isolated from Noni in University of Hawaii for the first time. It is found that the substance not only can dilate blood vessels, but also can keep serotonin. Researches to animals show that scopoletin in Noni interact with other ingredients and make high blood pressure down to normal, but not to be hypotension.

Recently, researches have been taken in Stanford University,University of California, University of Hawaii, and London United University and Metz University(France), they agreed: Noni can lower blood pressure.

Dr. Scott Gerson, works in the Sinai medical school in New York, he made a clinical trial, randomly selected 9 hypertensive patients (8 men and 1 women, they don't know they're taking Noni, their diet, exercise is just as before)and found 8 of 9 people’s blood pressure went down, high pressure decreased 7.5%, low pressure decrease  4%, and no side effects.

Dr. Harrison also reported that Noni can reduce blood pressure. A woman's blood pressure is 170/100mmhg,.her doctor can't reduce it, but after taking for two months, her blood pressure dropped to 130/80mmhg. She continued to take Noni and got normal blood pressure for 9 months.

Noni & Diabetes

Noni can alleviate diabetes (especially type II diabetes). A fine immune system can coordinate immune activities of various cells, which identify, destroy and clear pathogens in the body. If the autoimmune system is disordered, then the defense cells of immune system would deal with the human body itself, and kill the healthy cells wrongly.

Research also shows that, B cells decrease in the pancreas (due to disorder of autoimmune system, which make defense cells all destroyed),there is no B cells to produce insulin, then people would get the type I diabetes. The other is B cells in the immune system are partly eliminated by defense cells, as B cells become less, the insulin produced is less, the quality is also poorer, eventually lead to type II diabetes. Noni can renovate B cell, so as to secrete biologically active insulin, insulin can convey blood sugar into energy, thus, the amount of blood sugar can be reduced to the normal level.

Noni & Hepatopathy

The liver is the most important detoxification organ in the body. All the toxic substances from the everyday life(e.g. detergents, pesticides, food additives, etc.) would be carried with blood to the liver to treat. In addition to the external toxin, our own body would produce a lot of wasted toxins owing to metabolism, if he liver overload , the wastes would accumulate in the body, and cause some symptoms in different degrees or different ways, such as disordered autoimmune system, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, inflammation, indigestion, constipation etc.. Strictly speaking, the origin of chronic disease is caused by too much accumulated toxins.

There are several types of hepatitis. Hepatitis A usually attack us acutely, if the patients take Noni to care their health, they will get promoted virus resistance to hepatitis A. Hepatitis B a infectious disease (the main symptom is liver inflammation, it can lead to multiple organ damage) caused by HBV an infection, The clinical manifestations are fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal distension, tired of the oil, some cases appear as fever, jaundice, about half of the patients didn’t know until found it in a physical examination. After Hepatitis B virus infected human body, it will widely exist in such as blood, saliva, vaginal fluid, milk, sperm, etc., mainly spread through blood, sexual contact, close contact, and occur in familial aggregates. Hepatitis B is difficult to cure, and no miracle drugs.

When Hepatitis B develop to severe hepatitis, patient’s liver has been damaged sharply until failure, accompanied by other multiple organs functional damage, e.g. renal failure. The patients will appear persistently severe jaundice, oliguria, anuria, ascites, confusion, coma. Though the infection rate of Hepatitis B is high, but most people rely on own immunity to clear the virus and antibody production, but latent virus are still in the liver cells and will attack the body suddenly, and cause serious disease. Liver cirrhosis, hepatic tumor, liver cancer, appear as death trilogy.

Noni fruit can promote cell regeneration, of course including liver cells. Grersson, a famous American physician, proved (clinical trials) that Noni can improve liver detoxification function to more than 50%. Noni is not interferon, it has no side effects, it is not a miracle drug, but it does provide an opportunity to repair liver disease. Taking the Noni can alleviate hepatitis B and liver ascites.

Noni & Inflammation

Bryant Bloss (plastic surgeon in USA Indiana) described: he gave patients with Noni before experiment on himself. In the past, he got backache and could not sleep, Noni not only solved the problem, but also healed pain in his left shoulder, what’s more, it also enhances his strength and reactive potency. From then on, he treated 70 patients with Noni, 15 patients’ chronic back pain disappeared, 8 patients’ knee pain (caused by osteoarthritis) disappeared, several diabetes’ blood sugar reduced. One of patient got chronic back pain caused by diabetes, and can not bend, suffering from facial paralysis, swollen eyes, his drank Noni doubled for three days, these symptoms are greatly reduced. The 50 doctors and health experts from Indiana and Florida treat 4200 patients with pain due to various causes (including severe chronic headache, nervous headache, regular nervous headache, nervous muscle pain and joint pain) with Noni.

Wounded Pain—Wendi, from Colorado, she said: "In 2007 August, I began to take Noni after I have been in the hospital for 39 days and taken a lot of drugs. I wounded in roll with 3 fractures at the neck, 5 broken ribs, 50 stitches on the head, operation is done on neck and vocal cord is damaged. I was fixed by a circular device for 8 weeks, after removing the device, I stopped to take anticatarrhals, painkillers, the doctor gave me acupuncture to relieve the pain, but I still can’t hold  it. Then I take Noni three times a day, ten days later, I stopped all treatments but continue to take Noni for 4 months and got rapid and complete recovery, Noni played a crucial role."

Arthritis & Pain—Ernie, from California, she said: "I am 80 years old, endured serious swelling hand joints pain for 5 years, especially the right hand. After  taken Noni for 3 months, left arthritis have been completely recovered, no ache and swelling, the skin also doesn’t flushed red, the right hand changes much: only two knuckles was still slightly swollen, but right hand does not ache. What’s more, I’m energetic, can do more housework than before, Vision also has been greatly improved, I hope I could live to be 100 years old."

Noni & Cancer

Everyone can be away from cancer by taken Noni, which find new way to treat cancer of is for modern medicine.

Cancer is mainly due to the disease of cells. The most important health function of Noni is its anticancer, help insufficient cells to resumed function, activate the immune system, effectively resist germs invasion and improve the anti-cancer abilities. Medicinal research reports on Noni were hold in the 83, 84 and 85 session annual meeting by USA Cancer Institute. In 83 session annual meeting in California Santiago (in l992), a landmark report was reported by the Department of physiology and pharmacology from the Hawaii Honolulu College of Pharmacy. The topic is: Antitumor Activity of Morinda Citrifolia in Mouse Abdominal Cavity for Lung Cancer. Fed(with Noni) cancerous mice lives about l05% to 123% longer than the ones that not fed. The experiment was repeated many times, the results prove Noni can inhibit tumor growth. If take some anticancer drugs, such as Doxorubicin, zirconium fluoride or vincristine together, people would live longer.

According to USA "Antitumor Journal" reported, a new component called Bqdamnacanthal from Noni have been separated by Keio University and a Japanese biochemical research institute, isolated, the role of the component is to prevent the increasement of cancer cells. In 1993, according to the report from three Japanese scientists, by the analysis of 500 kinds of plant extracts, they found damnacantha L(plant nutrition) in Noni is the inhibitor of premalignant cells.

It needs a course for Noni to take effect for anti-cancer. Taking Noni is to eliminate the toxin in the body, prevent cancer gene to activate, make tumor suppressor gene dominate in the body, make cancer cells become smaller and gradually withered, never relapse. It needs a course to detoxify and maintain cells. In the first two weeks, there will be a severe detoxification reaction, symptoms are: mild fever, loose stools, some people would be with red pimples at associated acupuncture points or nearby site, this is the detoxification, don’t stop taking Noni, you need to drink lots of water to facilitate the detoxification. As long as we persist in taking Noni(no virus infection to DNA in the body) then the risk is equal to zero. If you have a cancer, or at advanced stage, or at diffusion stage, taking the Noni properly, you can also control the development of cancer and inhibit cancer cell growth, even make cancer cell atrophy, even get amazing miracle.

Noni help human body to resist and prevent cancer from the following eight aspects:

1   Noni contains Xeronine original and Xeronine enzyme, it can transform the diseased cells into normal ones;

2   Noni provide powerful antioxidant capacities, against free radicals, preventing disease;

3   Noni contains a variety of enzymes, which can gobble up cancer protective film(normal immune system can’t break in), inhibit cancer cell growth;

4   Noni contains Xeronine original, it can prevent cancer cell division;

5   Polysaccharide in Noni can improve defense capability of white blood cells;

6   Xeronine in Noni can activate protein, clean out foreign matter in the body;

7   Noni can promote bone marrow stem cell to regenerate, reduce and eliminate the toxicity of chemotherapy;

8   Noni helps the body produce anticancer substances: such as nitric oxide, interleukin, interferon, a variety of tumor necrosis factors, llipopolysaccharide, etc.


1  Applicable people:

Adult use only. (not including pregnant women).

2  Usage and dosage:

Health: twice a day, 30ml each time; sub health: twice a day, 30-40ml each time; adjuvant therapy: twice a day, 40 ~ 60ml each time.

Taken on an empty stomach, 5 to 6 days each serving, stop for 1~2 days, recycling use. Adjust according to the own conditions, no more than 60ml every time.

3  Notes:

Drink 150ml-200ml cool or warm boiled water to dilute the gastric acid first. Drink warm boiled water 150ml-200ml after taking, to accelerate the arrival of capsules to intestinal canal.

No coffee or wine in 1-1.5 hours after taking the product. on drugs stick to a regular lifestyle, adjust good mentality, rational diet and proper exercise, drink more water.

Compared with any western medicines or Chinese traditional medicines, Noni doesn’t have antagonistic action, it can be taken at the same time, and play a complementary effect: eliminate toxins, activate cells, promote metabolism, help western medicines and Chinese traditional medicines to take better therapeutic effect .If physical status get better, the drugs can be gradually reduced.

4  How long to take an effect.

Noni enzyme is the health products, instead of medicine, will not have obvious effects immediately. Statistics indicated by tens of thousands of users, there are about 60% people taking effective in 20 days, about 30% of people need 20-50 days, about 10% of people need 50-90 days, average is 10-30 days. If use it for long-term, will completely change your body constitution, enable you to obtain the beauty, health, longevity.

5  Notes for special d patients

Diabetic patients should be regularly measured blood sugar level, treat according to doctor's advice, take reasonable medication or insulin.

Patients with high blood pressure should also constantly take his blood pressure so as to adjust the dosage. Because Noni can enhance the antibody, patients who have been organ transplanted, should not be taking Noni, to avoid the exclusive effects on transplanted organs.

For the first 15 days -30 days, patients high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or other major patients, should take small dose (30-40ml a day), if feel uncomfortable strongly, to reduce to 2-3 days a dose, if still reflect very strongly, suspend the use.

6   Reaction after taking

There would be different reactions according to the disease duration and the occult severity, this reaction is called " healing crisis " during detoxification period by nature medicine, Chinese medicine called " dizziness reaction". The so-called "dizziness reaction", especially when we take some food, beneficial to human body material begin to improve the physique, wastes and toxin discharge, sometimes the body will appear all sorts of symptoms and response, which would easily be mistaken for " a turn for the worse " and nervous. In fact, this reaction is very short, as long as they continue to take, it may soon disappear.

The "healing crisis" after taking Noni in the early period is not side effects, but the reactions in the improving process may not occur in normal sequence. At the same time some better reactions occur periodically and fluctuate in different states and duration. If the symptoms are not very serious, you can be assured to take, but should drink plenty of water, at least 8 cups every day to detoxify. If in the period you feel very uncomfortable (reaction is too intense), you should take half, or dilute it by water or juice, and take it for several times one day. If the conditions are not changed after the reduction for two weeks, may be a few people are allergic to Noni, please stop taking temporarily.

The "healing crisis" is just a process to health. During detoxification, there would be various symptoms as to different personal physique or organs. When these phenomena disappear, you can really feel relaxed and pleasant.